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The Reincarnated Weapon Shop Owner
The Reincarnated Weapon Shop Owner Pineapple Bread
May 18,21

An average-looking but extraordinarily strong weapon shop owner and a well-behaved but mysterious demon girl. What roles do they play in this ever-changing world?

Second Lead Complex
Second Lead Complex Soi
May 18,21

When I opened my eyes, I had become the heroine of a romance comic! I may have become the heroine, but I prefer the second male lead!

The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup
The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup Lee Yeon
May 18,21

Studious and plain university student, Kim Yeseul, becomes the muse of genius makeup artist, Cheon Yuseong.

Queen Of Posion: The Legend Of A Super Agent, Doctor And Princess
Queen Of Posion: The Legend Of A Super Agent, Doctor And Princess CHINA READING,Webnovel comics,Han Tai Culture
May 18,21

"She is an ace agent, the queen of medicine and poison. Sweet and adorable she looks; resolute and cunning she actually is. She is half an angel and half a devil. When she travels through time and stays in an orphan girl's body, will she rewrite the history? ""I quit the marriage with this coward girl. To my surprise, she is so shrewd and eloquent! How ignorant I am!""

Lightning Degree
Lightning Degree Awin,Galanthorn,Wuzhou
May 18,21

Ryu-Yeon lost his father to a disease when he was only 10 years old. With the skill he learned from his father, he could carve wood into wonderfully intricate sculptures. One day, after completing the sculptures of his parents, Ryu-Yeon was greeted by an elderly man who was impressed by his sculptures. The old man saw promise in Ryu-Yeon and asked him if he would like to become his disciple. As Ry

Ten Thousand Ways To Win Sex Guys’ Hearts
Ten Thousand Ways To Win Sex Guys’ Hearts XiReZhuoMa
May 18,21

There’s a girl called Summer. She has social phobia and is allergic to men. As soon as being crashed by a car, she got one and only chance—the qualification to get the heart of superstar Donggong Shuiyue in a game?!

Off Stage
Off Stage 단델 (dandel)
May 18,21

Once again, PAZE (Korea's #1 idol group) is on stage to perform at the annual awards ceremony. Suddenly, during the performance, the lead dancer falls down on stage causing an ankle injury. Due to this injury, PAZE's entire schedule of activities, including the comeback tour in the first half of the year, have been cancelled! In an effort to keep fans satisfied for the duration of

Pupillary Master
Pupillary Master Mo yan, 陌烟
May 18,21

In the 24th century, the first person in the power world, Luo Qingtong, magically crossed to the real world of another world. Since then, she has opened the way to the revenge of the deposed woman in the lower country. Fighting the villains and slag

I Am The Precious Daughter Of The Greatest Villain In The Fantasy World
I Am The Precious Daughter Of The Greatest Villain In The Fantasy World Solddam
May 18,21

I thought I was reincarnated as the daughter of a wealthy family, but it turns out I was born as the child of the greatest villain in the fantasy world of martial arts. My father doesn't care about me, I'm ostracized by the others, and I'll eventually be murdered as a side antagonist by the male lead, after suffering from my one-sided love. Even worse, this is a world where the weak are the prey o

Lord, It Doesn't Matter
Lord, It Doesn't Matter SF light novel
May 18,21

The main character, Lord Li De is the fourth son of Lord Yunyang of YongTian Kingdom. After being reincarnated into another world filled with monsters and magic, he tried to live leisurely, but his father had different plans for him. He tried to make Li De a sacrifice in order to make his first son gain more popularity and seem a bit more cruel. This manga starts out by showing how Li De struggles

The Descent Of The Demonic Master
The Descent Of The Demonic Master Wolbaek,Mayolang
May 18,21

The first life. After a tragic accident losing his family and legs, he ends his own life. The second life. He earned fame as the Red Demonic Master in Zhongyuan, but was betrayed by the man he trusted the most. And now comes his third life. In his life back in the modern world, Gang Jinho decides to live a normal life... However, he was too used to the Zhongyuan life to become a normal person! 

Otherworldly Evil Monarch
Otherworldly Evil Monarch Fengling tianxia
May 18,21

Jun Xie was the number one assassin in modern earth. His skills and knowledge in the field of assassination were unparalleled, his accomplishments unprecedented, his reputation terrified the entire underworld. However, during a mission to retrieve a mystical treasure, a mishap occurred… He is now Jun Moxie, a sixteen year old super level debauchee, sole heir to the declining Jun family.

Heavenly God Mnemonic
Heavenly God Mnemonic Musician culture - 乐匠文化
May 18,21

A drop of blood from the demon god, destroyed ten thousand mountains and rivers. A roll of scripture, obliterated the cycle of the sun and moon. A collection of mnemonics, bury all the most highs. Yang Qing Xuan received his fated inheritance, and practiced the way of invincibility, and allowed him to run through innumerable geniuses, and open up an everlasting path of becoming the strongest! &

Return Of Immortal Emperor
Return Of Immortal Emperor Zhang Yue,Yebi Xiao Pei
May 18,21

After being in Immortal World for 3000 years, our main character risk everything to return back to his family to atone for his mistakes.

Dubious Moon
Dubious Moon Ezyoung,Yujeong ju
May 18,21

A cheeky office romance that erupts out of a slip of the tongue. ​Shiwon finds herself still reeling from the shock of being dumped by boyfriend number four. Her pride is on the floor from having to deal with the consistently emotionless and nitpicking manager Mr. Moon at the office. During a night out with her co-workers, she drunkenly calls him out. She ends up confessing her feelings and asking

Zero Game
Zero Game Jeulbahsen
May 18,21

A fantasy/drama story that follows a young girl as she participates in a survival game with the prize being a chance to rebuild her life to be better than the one she had. And the price of failure being her death.

The Wicked Queen
The Wicked Queen Ji-Sang Shin,Yoon Tae Roo,Ga Yan
May 18,21

She is beautiful, persevering but what amazes everyone is her sharp mind. Sharp minded enough to become the next empress. However, the prince despises her... How will she manage to make him fall in love with her?

Girl's World
Girl's World Morangji
May 18,21

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...

Rise Of The Demon King
Rise Of The Demon King Ai Lu Mao, Yao Ye, Qing Man
May 18,21

The young Xiao Lang awakened with a Divine Spirit, but the others believed it to be a useless one. He was ridiculed by everyone and some even sent assassins after him, thus forcing him to leave his clan. From then on, he surpassed his limits and attained unimaginable strength! “If the Heavens restrict me, then I shall break the Heavens!"

Kitten Princess
Kitten Princess Updating
May 18,21

A cute little beast broke into the Prince's residence and got into trouble. No no, he's not someone you can mess up with! Oops! Is that aphrodisiac it just ate? Wait a minute, it's gonna turn into… a LADY?!

Winter Moon
Winter Moon R. Merryweather
May 18,21

A homosexual sorceror and a seductive priestess cross paths in an Online RPG.

Ceo’S Handsome Trainee
Ceo’S Handsome Trainee Updating
May 18,21

She’s a bossy CEO, just like any CEOs in the comics. She can do literally anything for her business. However, powerful as she is, there is a fatal defect in her. Sometimes, she just can’t help but get into another person’s body. One day, she woke up inside a middle-aged bald man and found herself in a life-n-death situation! Suddenly, a handsome trainee came to her rescue a

I Was Just An Ordinary Lady
I Was Just An Ordinary Lady Latine
May 18,21

A sassy prospective college student, Kim Hansol, meets her end due to an unlucky accident. She gets reincarnated as a beloved lady in a family of heroes in a world with magic, spirits, and dragons. “I’m going to return to my original world no matter what!” But while struggling to return to her Korea, she loses control of her magic and ends up causing a catastrophe. Yet her family

Holy Chef, Crazy Empress
Holy Chef, Crazy Empress Young Dream
May 18,21

The top killer of the 21st century crossed time and space into the Cold Palace as a useless Empress. To have a good life in the harem, you need to be good in the Royal Kitchen and excellent in the Emperor's bed. There is a super handsome and evil-minded husband and a cute baby genius - not to forget the superb Royal Kitchen system for lotteries. Conquer this dapper man with a pot and a sp